How to Recruit the Surrogate Mother?

How to Recruit the Surrogate Mother?

Sometimes surrogate mother is from families, friends or know reliable source. All the personal details, health details, background of the surrogate mother are informed to the intended parents.

Surrogacy-Surrogate Mother
Surrogacy-Surrogate Mother

Earlier doctors used to post an ad for the recruitment of the surrogate mothers but now the trend has changed people are coming themselves forward even the women’s husbands are supporting them.

The surrogate mother is selected from the database of the fertility clinics. After the selection of the surrogate mother a meeting is planned in between the intended parents and the surrogate mother and her husband or else a coordinator is hired by the couple for the coordination.

After successful meeting between both parties treatment is started.

After the selection of surrogate mother, before the surrogacy process counselling is given to the surrogate mother. In counselling the mother is mentally prepared for renting the womb and not gets emotionally attached to the child.

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