The 4-Move Drill That Fries Fat Fast

The 4-Move Drill That Fries Fat Fast

If you want to build your best body, add plyometrics to your routine. The explosive power movements can put you on the fast track to a better-performing, more athletic-looking body.

Healthy LifeStyle
Healthy LifeStyle

That’s because they target your often neglected fast-twitch muscle fibers, the ones designed for all-or-nothing jumps, sprints, and lifts and the ones with the most potential for size and strength gains.


Give it a try with this four-move plyo challenge from Durkin. It’ll be a lot more fun—and a lot more difficult—than grinding out sets of 10 to 12 reps at a steady, deliberate speed.


Here’s how it works:

Grab a stop watch and perform the following four exercises back-to-back with no rest: 10 squat jumps, 20 split squat jumps, 30 cross-body mountain climbers, and 40 rope jumps.

Plyometrics can be tough on your joints, so make sure you land softly and under control with every rep. That’s 1 round. Repeat two more times.


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