What is Surrogacy Future in India?

What is Surrogacy Future in India?

Surrogacy is an agreement between the childless couple and the surrogate mother who is going to rent her womb till the birth of the child of the childless couple. In surrogacy the surrogate mother gets paid for becoming pregnant for the childless couple.

India is a destination for surrogacy for people from all over the world. The childless couple visit India for surrogacy option as in India the surrogacy is cost effective and with less and simple laws.

Since 2002 commercial surrogacy has been legalized in India. Anand in Gujarat, India is a hub for surrogacy. In year 2011 Amir Khan and Kiran Rao declared of having baby through surrogacy but till today in Indian Society surrogacy is not openly talked about.

In India most of the surrogate mothers are from lower middle class family who do it for the paying their debt, buying home or for children’s education so there are less chances of keeping the baby with them after the child birth. Also some upper class family has done surrogacy to fulfill their some wishes.

In India the total cost for surrogacy is around $20000 including the consultation, surrogate mothers fee, medical expenses and delivery expenses. But in developed countries like US, UK whole process of surrogacy cost is 4 times more than the Indian cost of surrogacy. Hence the foreign childless couples come to India for surrogacy.


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